“Boing” Curling 8 oz.

Soft, beautiful curls. That's what you get when your use "BOING". Tight curls, loose curls, big curls, small curls. They're always soft and bouncy with just the right amount of hold.

7Seconds Condition 8 oz.

Within 7SECONDS your tangles will be gone and your hair will start to feel alive again. Nourished and fortified with the perfect balance of light protein and moisturizers.

7Seconds Refresher 3 oz.

Absorbs excess oil without causing buildup, extends the life of your style and color, leaves hair fresh and clean in 7Seconds and adds body.

Beach Day 8 oz.

Creates full, tousled, sexy hair. Thickens, builds consistency, and makes beachy and textured waves.

Blonda Condition 8 oz.

Locks in pigment and tones from BLONDA shampoo. Moisturizes, repairs cuticle, and promotes natural health and shine.

Blow & Set Lotion 8 oz.

Heat-activated styling/setting lotion. Creates a soft hold, perfect for setting curls, and promotes shine and volume.

Boosta Spray 8 oz.

Builds body and weightless volume. Enhances texture and delivers a healthy sheen finish.

Conundrum Paste 2 oz.

Combines the benefits of waxes, pastes, and creams. Shapes any look from messy to sleek. Offers a medium, flexible hold, and washes out in one shampoo.

Creamy Paste 2 oz.

Thickens hair shaft. Forms body, texture, and is weightless.

Elevate Mousse 6 oz.

Banish memories of crunchy 80s curls. Weightless foam that adds body, smooths frizz, and leaves hair soft, shiny, and moveable..

Expanda Dust 6g

Adds texture, volume, and fullness with workable hold. Dry and translucent spray.

Expanda Volume 8 oz.

Instant root volumizer that gives lift and support directly at the roots. For all hair types, even fine hair.

Go365 Hairspray 10 oz.

Soft, medium, and strong holds all in one can at adjustable strength levels. Just turn the nozzle to the desired strength.

Lazer Straight 8 oz.

Straightens even the most difficult hair. Defeats and controls curls, tangles, and frizz. Promotes high shine without weighing the hair down, and contains a thermal protector.

MaxControl Spray 10 oz.

Brushable hairspray. Layer for extra firmness. Excellent for dry setting.

Moisturizing Conditioner 10 oz.

Revitalizing and nourishing. Repairs and improves the hair cuticle. Promotes natural health, shine, adds moisture, and reduces static.

Moisturizing Shampoo 10 oz.

Revives dry/damaged hair. Creates shine and replenishes the hairs' moisture.

Second Day 2 oz.

A lightweight control cream that creates a natural worn texture. Perfect for all hair lengths.

Session-Max Spray 10 oz.

Maximum strength hairspray. Hold the final look. Spray it and forget it.

Smoothing Conditioner 10 oz.

Smooths cuticle and controls frizz. Promotes a smooth finish, adds shine, and strengthens hair.

Smoothing Shampoo 10 oz.

Smooths unruly frizz, tames flyaways, and adds shine.

Texturiza Spray 7 oz.

Adds texture, volume, and fullness. Medium, workable hold. Dry, translucent spray.

Tricky Spray 3.7 oz.

Spray wax and hairspray blend that adds texture. Creates hold you can manipulate. For medium to thick hair.

Tricky Lite 3.7 oz.

Half the wax of TRICKY Spray. Weightless and creates hold you can manipulate. For fine to medium hair.

U Luxury Oil 3.3 oz.

Creates soft, weightless shine. Seals and repairs the hair cuticle. Natural UV and thermal protector. Reduces blow-drying time and extends color life.

Volumizing Shampoo 10 oz.

Revives dry/damaged hair. Creates shine. Replenishes hairs' moisture.

Weekender Shampoo 8 oz.

Use once a week and/or before repair treatments. Deep cleanses without removing natural oils. Eliminates environmental stresses and product buildup.
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